Sustainability Goals

At Packaging Solutions, sustainability is about creating goods and services without damaging the ability of future generations to provide for themselves.

It’s about being responsible stewards of our business, our people and our environment. Sustainability touches every core of our business from sourcing to manufacturing to shipping.

Three legs of sustainability – environmental, social & economical.

Packaging Solutions Plastic Sustainability

Areas of Focus:

Because sustainability touches every aspect of our business, we prioritized our activities by focusing on the following areas to have the greatest impact

Energy – By focusing on reduction of our energy use and alternative sources of energy, we are striving to reduce our energy footprint.

Our Goal: Reduce electricity, natural gas, and water use by 5% per pound of plastic processed

Emissions – Climate change is a relevant and important issue to our business. We acknowledge that we can be part of the solution through reduction of our carbon emissions. To this end, we will first begin to measure our impact, and then focus on reduction of it.

Our Goal: Establish corporation GHG emissions

Waste – We are minimizing waste in our manufacturing plants and are also conjuring new ways to put our waste to use. We use the EPA’s waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, and recycle to guide us in our waste management decisions.

Our Goal: Reduce waste through source reduction and increased recycling.

Materials – At the heart of every product and package is materials. Our engineers and designers tirelessly research and collaborate to devise better products that lessen our environmental, social and economical impact. Whether it is through source reduction of existing products or the use of a new material, our development teams and operations work closely together to obtain workable solutions. We have active projects focused on use of recycled content, bio-based materials, biodegradable materials and introduction of fillers and additives. Our fit-for-purpose approach and diversity in technologies provides us with great leverage in our efforts.

Our Goal: Reduce overall resin usage by 5%. Increase utilization of recycled content in our products and continue to develop products that incorporate biobased materials.

Secondary Packaging – As a supplier of packaging, we know the importance of packaging – protection of the products. Every product that we create requires packaging to get to our customers. Instead of accepting the status quo, we are re-evaluating our packaging decisions, and finding new ways to package our products. Plastics pallets, reusable totes, recycling cores, taking back our bags, etc.

Our Goal: Increase use of reusable packaging such as plastic pallets and totes.

Environmental Associations

Sustainability cannot be tackled alone – it is only by collaboration that we can make progress towards a more sustainable future. We are making strides in building lasting relationships that will allow us to increase our ability to create change.

* Sustainable Packaging Coalition
* Wal-Mart Sustainable Value Network
* Rigid Plastics Packaging Group of the American Chemistry Council
* Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) Product Care
* Climate Leaders

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