Packaging Solutions, Incorporated is a distributor and custom designer of a full range of container, closure, and component options in plastic, glass and metal for companies within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, automotive, OEM and food & beverage industries. Over thirty years of industry experience, expertise and knowledge allows us to meet each customer’s unique packaging requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Our expertise will do the following for you…

  • create packages that showcase your products and catch the eye of your customers
  • help create a sense of need for your products
  • project positive non-verbal ideas about your products and your company
  • create and imply the highest sense of value about your products

Additionally, Packaging Solutions, Inc. understands that product packaging is a key factor in overall product costs. No matter what market you serve, our in-depth knowledge and understanding of packaging ensures:

  • The correct product packaging that will protect its integrity and contents, as well as its quality from distribution to the final sale
  • All applicable health and regulatory standards meet proper compliance codes

When your product or package doesn’t fit the mold and you’re looking for specialized options, give us your initial concept and requirements and we’ll take your ideas from beginning design to finished product. Packaging Solutions, Inc.’s expertise offers innovative design possibilities, creative packaging solutions and state-of-the-art products.

Other products and services offered through Packaging Solutions, Inc. include: